Our own locally hosted home automation system, completely secure and private.
With the ability to control lights, blinds, curtains, smart plugs, irrigation systems, smart locks, home alarm systems, smart tv’s, wifi enabled bulbs and equipment, CCTV, heating, hot water, air conditioning and so much more…

Complete Home Control

With support for over 1189 device types our integration is constantly growing, 

View our Compatibility page for more information.

Secure & Private

Our systems are encrypted using TLS and VPN, all updates are done over our mesh, point to point, vpn system. Access to the control panel is done so over HTTPS in the browser (not advised), or over VPN if you are using our app (recommended) this ensures that you are the only person that has access to your system.

Locally Hosted

A locally hosted system means many things, the hub installed in your home operates without the need for an external connection. This reduces latency and allows for instant control of your devices.

Register Interest

Our closed beta is nearly over, contact [email protected] for an invite to test our open beta launching end of January.